An easy affordable & effective software for Insurance Professional with guaranteed growth. Fully Techno Product for Insurance Professionals with Best Combinations, Best Servicing Part, Unique Online Facilities. We developed in house,latest technology software which is definately suits the insurance professionals to increase their business.

Shine Combinations:

>>Retirement Planning
Best way for Happy Retirement, Retirement with Enjoyment is specially design to satisfy Pension need at old age. Using this combination you can give Retirement solution to anyone ranging from premium paying capacity Yearly Rs. 2500/- & above.
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>>Single Dhara
Single Premium Budget Retirement Solution, Which gives Pension life time or Maturity after Policy Term over. Here Settlement Option used.
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>>Wonderful Retirement
Pension based Retirement Solution, Which gives Pension life time or up to Policy Term. Here Settlement Option used.
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>>Double Anand
Gets Double Maturity in Jeevan Anand Plan using surrender option. This combination gives maturity two times.
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>>Future Soch
Gives Two option either take maturity value or Convert Maturity in Pension. Proposer get regular pension as well as create Family Fund with Life Time Insurance.
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>>Millionaire Plan
Be a Millionaire without any investment i.e. if nothing happed gets your premium return which paid for term insurance plan.
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>>Shine Plans
Single Plan Presentation or Mix any Insurance Plans here. It gives various reporting page options. Premium Break up is uniquely shown in our software only.

iPortfolio creates awareness of Insurance, need of insurance, e-documents list, insurance FAQ’s without your presence. It effects more than your skill to sell insurance only when iPortfolio is seen by clients with all family members.

Send Free Servicing SMS with Shine, It send Premium due, birthday, anniversary, maturity, survival benefits SMS (daily 30 sms).

>>Family Investment Chart
This chart is very useful to policy holder’s family because it gives all information of number of policy, policy status, premium calendar, SB and maturity details etc. which is useful for future investment of clients for Agent point of view.

>>Agency Overview
Agency overview is the summary report of policy records of your agency data. It gives various sorting options like moth wise, plan wise, premium wise, SA wise.

>>Online Data
We provide unique features in Online Data like new Business download with complete details, Other Agency FUP Download, Other Agency Policy Details download etc.

Some more Silent Features of Shine Plus (+)
1.EMI Calculators
2.Loan Calculators
3.Backup & Restore Facility
4.Change Letterhead
5.Merge Family
6.Merge family Members
7.Multi Premium Posting
8.Premium Due Report
9.Premium Outstanding Report
10.Business History
11.Policy Register
12.Birthday / Anniversary Report
13.Branch List, Mailing List
14.Other Software Data Import
15.Update/Correct Data
16.Move to ShineData & Move to Cloud