Shine DO (Mobile App for Development Officers) 
Now a days Insurance Companies is changed & India is already changed but can you changed ? No ! Insurance Companies incorporated latest technology, systems, Ideas for making new business Did you want to Increase your business with changing time & technology ? If yes we are with you ! Shine Software brings you the android app for only DO of Insurance Companies that makes & manage all your agents lead business.

Shine DO Application has following benefits only for DO's :
1.Lead Generations to your agents 
2.Cross Selling Technique 
3.Agents Kundali in your finger prints 
4.Manage all your agents 
5.Schedule every month business meetings with your agents 
6.Share latest Shine concepts with your agents 
7.You can arrange Shine workshop to maximize youe agents business fastly 8.Wish your agents great clients to make good relations 
9.Increase business relations 
10.Be the part changing time & technology otherwise you become history 
11.Premium due Intimations 
12.Maturity due Intimations 
13.Lapsed policies Intimations 

Shine Make new Business | Scale new Business | graph new Business Shine DO android app
Contact your area Shine excutive to know more & make real business from year 2017.